'The stronger our communication skills, the stronger our communities'


The Service We Provide

We help young people say what they mean and mean what they say, improving their education and work prospects and reducing frustrations that can lead to anti social behaviour.

We work with groups of young people teaching them how to write and deliver performance poetry, building their communication skills, confidence and resilience to exploitation. We focus and help identify the positive aspects of their lives, writing about what they love, what they're grateful for and what their dream life looks like. We use various different writing techniques and templates to get them active and involved. We also write as a group or as individuals depending on the size of the workshop and the group's preferences. Our workshops build confidence, aspirations, public speaking and creative writing skills. The stronger our communication the stronger our communities.

Our Workshops & Services

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Current/Upcoming Events

Trouble Tongues | Spoken Word & Rap Workshop

The workshop will teach you how to write and perform spoken word poetry & the art of rap (rhythm and poetry).

First Workshop Date


Age Group


16th October

11 - 16 Year Olds


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