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Trouble Tongues Workshop


Where we focus on the art of being an MC (Master of Ceremony), how to write lyrics with rhythm to a beat. The anagram of RAP (Rhythm And Poetry) breaking down the fundamental elements of the art form.

This includes looking at multiple rhyming techniques and the structure of a song. How to rap on beat and perform to a piece of music, we look at mic control, technique and how to freestyle. 


Where we look at Spoken Word and Slam Poetry, how to write a poem, the different structures and elements of poetry, the history and roots of language and words and the role of a poet in modern society.


We get the creative juices flowing using various different writing exercises and subject matter. 

Practice performing the pieces we have written, looking at projecting our voice and how we can improve our performance and bring the words to life. 


The aim is to encourage expression through writing and build confidence skills through sharing their work. Talking about ideas concepts and struggles we might not necessarily feel comfortable talking about in normal conversation. 

Trouble Tongues Workshop
TT Workshop


Where we look at goals, targets and how the language we use everyday effects our outcomes. 


We work with speakers and mentors that have turned their lives around and offer strength and hope to those that are still suffering from all issues.  


When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. 


We have helped Young offenders, Addicts, Business Owners, Politicians, Teachers, Depressed, Anxious, Bereaved and Belated. We are all human and all can do with some guidance and inspiration at times.   


Trouble Tongues is here to inspire and together we can. 

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